9 Practical WordPress Design Tips

Every person has their preference, each one has his or her reason why he or she open a particular website, it is up to you, the web designer, whether that person will stay or not, revisit the site or not. Publishing a website is like having that first date. Will they love to see you again? Or you will just disappear in their memory and will not hear anything from them again? And your goal is for them to keep coming back for more and even make them stay.

Now that the pressure is on you, here are some helpful WordPress design tips that will create traffic in your website.


All though WordPress is free, you can upgrade to a certain amount that you can afford which offers you features that you can use in your website. Like choosing your own domain name that can help people to easily identify, search and remember your site. By upgrading you can also gain more storage space and remove WordPress ads. And since we called this an investment, the return for you is that you can monetize your site, acquire knowledge through their live courses and many more.


They say first impression lasts. I believe this is true at some point. The way you present your site is a big factor in making people stay on your site. All of us had opened three or more site in the search engine and we stay on, first, what is appealing in our eyes and, second, what is relevant to what we were searching for. Some sites have great contents but have eye sore interface, filled with ads, unnecessary contents and unreadable font styles, this made it easy for the audience to press that “X” button. Give an impression that your site has a relevant design and contents.


Keep your page interesting by keeping up with the design trends. This makes your site even more relevant. Get that creative mind going and stay up to date that will make your audience to stay longer and come back more often. Look for ways on how to incorporate your contents with the trend without sacrificing your brand. Check on design trends that are catchy and that will stand out. Even introduce a design that might be new to the market but will become a hit and inspire other web designers as well.


Make sure that your designs will be able to adjust from its compatibility the audience’s screen size, platform and device. Make sure that regardless of your audience’s device, your design will not be ruined.  Remember that people use various devices with various screen sizes. Your site will probably get view in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wide screen monitor and other outputs. Conduct a regular troubleshooting schedule just to make sure that your site is compatible with whatever device is in the market.


Design a site where the visitors can easily locate the contents they need. Make it easy for them to navigate and explore your site. The more you make it accessible, their interest stays. Sometimes being direct will make people choose your site over the other. Your contents must be on point also. Making links after links will lose the interest of your audience. Create a search bar. Add clear labels. Minimize annoying ads, pop ups and banners. Avoid redundant post and confusing information. Make it simple. Make it accessible.


Some people want to maximize the page of their site, but it gives the eye of the audience to fully understand what is on your site. You will give your audience a headache if your site materials are all over the place. Proper placement and spacing will allow you to highlight what you wanted to highlight and it will allow the user to see and identify that highlighted content. Proper spacing will help in the having your site accessible. People can clearly see and focus on one thing and it will encourage them to check on what is next on your content. A little space is like a breather for the eyes. A little space can make a big difference in your design.


WordPress offers unlimited themes and from their themes, you can add your own personal design. Maximize it. Use different fonts suitable for your website. Add plug-ins that can help you customize designs. Remember you are pleasing the eyes of the viewers. A simple font can make the person engaged in your site. Maximize what you have. You might not be considered as a professional web designer, but when you maximize what you have, you are offering the best for your guests.


Like accessibility, you are boosting your visitor’s interest if you keep things simple. Create forms that are easy to understand and fill up. Do not request additional unnecessary information from the guests. Filling up long forms can decrease the attention of your site visitors. Some guest even closes the site instantly when seeing forms. It is time consuming. As a web designer, you must challenge yourself to create forms in a friendly manner.

Head’s Up

All of us experience a site crashing or having a down time. It is annoying for users especially those not that knowledgeable in computer terms to see something they do not understand. Consider creating an error page when things go wrong. Having this custom made 404 error pages will guarantee your audience that you are working on your site and it be up again soon. It also gives an impression that you care enough since you are giving them a clear head’s up.

There you go! Remember these are just nine simple guidelines that can help you boost your web design abilities. Exercise your creative skills but do not forget to check on the simple details. Those details matter. Design sites that are helpful and relevant to the world. Create a website that is worthy of the guest’s time and worthy to be shared.

Author Bio:
Patrick Del Rosario is a blogger from Design Bro. DesignBro is the world’s highest quality brand identity design. Stand out in the cluttered marketplace with your unique logo & Brand Identity and boost your brand image by having a consistent brand identity.

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Attorney SEO

Attorney SEO ServicesWe Help You Build And Scale Your Law Firm By Leveraging Google Traffic


Over the years, we’ve helped attorneys from around the world build their law firm by using white hat SEO strategies.

We get the business, you’re likely here because of 3 reasons (this is from our experience helping lawyers)

  1. You’re ready to take your law firm to the next level.
  2. You’re just getting started and want an online marketing plan.
  3. You hired a so-called SEO guru and the results have been….flat.
  4. Or you’ve been doing SEO yourself and just don’t have the time or results.

Sound familiar? It’s completely fine, you’ve come to the right place.

Simply put, we help you get SEO results. We make sure your attorneys can be found when potential clients need you the most.

Every day, millions of people take to Google to search for a solution. If your website isn’t listed, you’re missing out on new clients and money.

The sad part, most of the attorneys and legal professionals we help have had bad experiences with SEO. After all, seems like everyone is SEO. While it can be tough to find a real SEO that gets real results, it’s not impossible.

For me (By the way, I’m Richard, Hale Web Development Founder) I point people to my LinkedIn Profile. You can see mine here.

Law Firm SEO

Attorney SEO Is Competitive

There’s no question that legal SEO, attorney SEO, law SEO, it’s tough to rank. This is why few attorneys are able to utilize SEO and leverage it to generate leads.

Most of the attorneys we’ve worked for have been from New York, Florida, Chicago and Dallas.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for attorneys is essential to bring in consistent leads from all of those that take to Google when searching for a lawyer. In SEO, it’s one of the toughest industries to rank keywords.

Attorneys often have a tough time with SEO and ranking due to the amount of competition they have, which extends to both local and national levels.

Since most attorneys are unaware of how SEO works, they often seek the help of an expert SEO or agency.

Nearly all of attorney related keyword traffic is organic. According to SEO software, organic attorney SEO keywords have a 92 percent rating over paid advertising. This means that 92 percent of attorney keywords are organic while only 8 percent is used for PPC advertising.

This is exactly why you need a law firm SEO strategy for your online marketing. Even if you do other marketing verticals, search engine optimization needs to be one of them.

Local SEO is different when compared to national or international SEO.

A great attorney SEO agency will help guide your SEO rankings despite your location

Law Firm SEO Process

Our legal SEO process is straight forward and allows you to achieve high search engine results for your investment.

Month One – Boarding And Evaluation

The first month of our attorney SEO service focuses on preparing your website to rank high in Google.

This process focuses on what we call on-site SEO strategies, which refer to SEO strategies and tactics involving your website.

From keyword research to correct keyword density and metadata, we ensure all of your service pages are properly optimized for best search engine optimization results.

It includes but is not limited to;

  • Keyword Research
  • Metadata
  • Permalink Formats
  • Heading Formats
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Sitemaps
  • Internal Links
  • Address/Maps

Month Two – Ranking Foundation

Once month one of your legal SEO services are complete, we begin to move into off-site SEO strategies. This refers to SEO ranking factors that are not done on the website.

This includes but is not limited to;

  • NAP Listings
  • Local Citations
  • SEO Outreach
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Link Building

Maintenance SEO

As we past 60 days, we position your website to have everything it needs to rank on the first page of Google.

We use white hat SEO strategies to give your website the trust and authority it will need to rank first page and have the ability to stay there for a long duration.

SEO Tracking And Conversions

We’ve learned that SEO isn’t enough to ensure you’re law firm is converting users. Due to this, we include conversion rate optimization as an additional service.

Your website may need changes to take advantage of all the new traffic your site will be getting.

Email Marketing And List Building

Some attorney leads will take time to nurture and you don’t want to miss out on them because you didn’t take the time to prepare.

We highly recommend having opt-ins to capture leads for your business.

Video Marketing

No other form of online content is more engaging than video.

Your videos can rank for the same SEO keywords you target.

We’ll also help you find great opportunities for video rankings.

Not The Same Old Law Firm SEO Results

If you’re tired of getting bad SEO results or tired of watching your competitors bring in new clients, it’s time to get started with Hale Web Development.

You can call today and we’ll find an opening to bring you in and audit your website absolutely free.

Every attorney website has different SEO needs and your SEO plan should be specifically designed for your needs.

We don’t have pre-built SEO plans. Instead, we audit your website, tell you everything you need and we build your plan around those needs.

Get Started Today

We’re a phone call away (304) 752-3433. If you get our answering machine, we could be doing an audit. Just leave your message and we’ll contact you back ASAP.

You can also use our contact form to reach us.

We look forward to helping grow your business.



What Is SEO?

If you’re searching to learn about SEO, good for you! For some of you, it begs the question, What Is SEO?

Simply defined, SEO leverages free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What Is Google SEO

SEO is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.

Think about it for a moment. When you need something specific, someone specific, how do you find that information? Most of you take to Google. Years ago, we used a phone book. Today, we take to our favorite search engine.

Millions of people across the world are using search engines to solve a problem or solve a need. More than likely, there’s people searching for the same thing your business offers. Search engine optimization is the goal that connects it all.

SEO works alone but it can be implemented with different marketing segments to superpower your organic results.

SEO Definition

What is SEO? SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the strategy of building organic search engine traffic by ranking specific keywords at the top of major search engines. With specific search engines, Google is the main

Search engine optimization is not difficult to learn, but it’s a complex topic.

There’s thought to be over 200 different SEO ranking factors. Does that mean you have to know them all? Absolutely not.

What you’re going to learn now is the fact that there’s only a handful of Google ranking factors that you’ll need to know and learn.

When we provide SEO services, we always do a full SEO audit to determine the planning for the project. Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t have pre-built plans.

Every website is different, every scenario if different and pre-built plans for SEO are a joke. Be cautious if a SEO company is providing that service.

Learning SEO

You have (2) options for SEO, either learning SEO yourself or hiring a Google SEO expert.

SEO optimization can help you establish the foundation of your business and eventually help you scale growth.

Along with SEO marketing, SEO leverages the use of specific keywords to target your audience and avatars.

We have an extensive SEO library for you to learn search engine optimization. If you’d rather hire a SEO agency, use our contact form.

SEO Library




Five Reasons Why It Is Necessary For You To Have A Virtual Data Room for your Business

As everything continues to go digital, it is becoming increasingly important to get new methods established for disseminating information quickly. It isn’t sufficient to merely have files stored on a hard drive; they must be well-organized and accessible.

A well-managed file system will help to ensure that everything is accounted for and doesn’t get lost, and provide the right individuals with continual access to certain computer systems and files that could prevent potential disaster before any serious damage is done.  It is very important that businesses have digital rooms, and the companies that delay in getting them implemented will lose the most.

(1) Preserves documents

Paper decays at a rapid rate, and it takes much longer to manually sort through files than it does tracking them down inside a computer system.   Established companies have tons of paper records already, and over time the problem just continues to compound.   Many of the hassles associated with traditional record keeping are completely eliminated by digital storage, so long as multiple backup of everything is maintained by businesses of everything up through the present day.  When this is done, there is little to no chance of losing anything.

(2) Accountability

It is very easy to have all pertinent information displayed that investors might want to see when you have a data room.  Investors really don’t like risk, and when everything is collected in one place is demonstrates an image of a company that is on top of everything and is trustworthy.  Having a well-organized data room allows companies to build solid relationships with its investors, making it well worth the effort and time for this reason alone.

(3) Investors can obtain access from anywhere

It isn’t absolutely necessary for data rooms to be placed online, however it does make communication very easy.  Security is a very serious concern, however there are programs that can deal with potential threats.  Also, having staff members who have a thorough understanding of how the data center works helps a company prevent major threats from breaking in.  Accessibility is the major benefit, and it can be very beneficial for a business to be able to share information with investors all over the world.

(4) Transactions are made easy by online data rooms

Giving customers what they want is the number one rule in business.  This is also true when it comes to investors.  Instituting an online data room will result in an increase in bids, and bids placed via data rooms on average are larger than bids that are placed via other channels.

(5) Investors are provided with more information

Bids placed via data rooms have a tendency to be larger due to the fact that more quality information is received by investors before they must make a decision.  A mixture of higher quantity and higher quality results in larger gains.  Data rooms make it very painless and quick to make transactions, so that numerous investors have started suing them exclusively to plan their deals.


7 Practical Tips To Secure Your Laptop

This post points out a few practical ways to protect your laptop from intruders.


This is certainly obvious, but most people tend to neglect antivirus upgrades. It is important to look for an antivirus software that is strong enough and one that is regularly updated. Data security is very important so, take this as your first step towards laptop security.

If you’re in a Rugged Business

If you are in a business where a laptop or a machine is going to take some dents and knocks potentially, then we’d advise that you go for a machine to fit. Ruggedised laptops such as Chassis Plans options are a great option and built for such needs.


The second important feature to look at is the firewall. Of course, there’s the default windows firewall but using it doesn’t bulletproof your personal computer. It is a fact that Trojans and other viruses when binned become strong enough to bypass the latest antivirus. This is where an effective firewall program comes in handy as it blocks such programs from accessing the internet. There are numerous firewall programs to choose from. All you need to do is some research on the best free of paid ones out there. Just ensure your firewall is up to date at all times.

Software Updates

Patches and update are common for almost every software. The updates contain the latest features and bug fixes that make the software stable and more secure. In regards to this, it’s advisable to turn the automatic updates option or use a freeware such as filehippo to keep tabs on software updates.

Back Up Your Data

It is always great to take precaution and exercising to back your data and software regularly ascertains that you will never lose your valuable files. You can use a portable hard drive, but it’s better to backup on the cloud so that you can easily access your data from anywhere with internet connection. You can use Skydrive, Google drive or dropbox for cloud storage.

Tracking Programs

As a laptop is quite portable, there’s a high chance of losing it, especially if you travel with it a lot. As such, it is imperative to install a tracking software that can help locate your computer when stolen. You can use free software such as Adeona for this.

Always Use a Password for Login

Most people tend to ignore using passwords to access their gadgets, but this is a crucial security step for your laptop. It is important to prevent intruders from accessing your personal data by locking your computer with a sophisticated password. A strong password contains at least one numeric number, special characters, and uppercase letters.

These are some of the best ways to protect your valued laptop from gadget and data thieves. If you implement them, you reduce the chances of having your information exposed, or intruders getting their hands on important files.