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Best 5 PHP Development Tools for Developers

With a record of 240 million of websites using PHP programming for their web designing purposes, is no wonder that PHP is one of the most used scripting language.

Every month the web is flooded with many PHP tools. There are scads of PHP development tools available all over the internet for PHP developers, but finding an appropriate tool is quite an arduous task and demands effort and time.

Here are the best 5 PHP development tools:

  1. PHP CPP

PHP-CPP is a library for developing PHP extensions. This tool offers a collection of well documented and easy to use classes that can be used and extended to build native extensions for PHP. Easy to use and understand, the PHP CPP is one of the best PHP development tools available.

  1. SubLime Text

One of the most popular code editors for developers, SubLime Text is a text editor for code, markup and prose. You can make ten changes at the same time, not one change ten times. The multiple selections feature allow you to interactively change many lines at once, rename variables with ease, and manipulate files faster than ever.

  1. Eclipse PDT

With a huge community of developers, Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tools) is another open source option that comes for free. Some of the key features include syntax highlighting, code formatter, code assist, code templates, code navigation, refactoring, syntax validation php debugging, and eclipse ecosystem that boasts a huge community, a supportive one.

  1. Atom

Atom is a modern text editor that was built by GitHub and its available free of cost under MIT license. This text editor has its own with huge community behind it and tons of plugins and packages available to extend its functionality on the long term.

  1. CaseBox

CaseBox is an open source with a similar desktop interface where you can create an unlimited level of directories and store stuff in the structure preferred. You can create task with deadlines and assigned to users for a better and easier project tracking.

PHP is the most popular and comprehensive programming language for web development and there are many PHP development new tools available each month.  Choose the right php development tools for your project and you will save money and time.

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