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Programming Careers: Five Reasons This May Not Be The Job For You

Programming takes a special type of individual. If you are thinking of a career in programming, continue reading to learn the five signs that programming may not be the right profession for you.

Experimental Creativity

Although programming relies heavily on logic, you also must be creative. Developing a new program is similar to art. The program is a blank canvas and you will use frameworks, libraries and languages to paint your masterpiece. With programming, you will create a new program out of nothing. Because of this, you must be fearless when it comes to experimentation and creativity.

Many coders will say that there is only one correct way to write code; however, that is not true. Just like there is not one right way to cook a meatloaf, paint a picture or sing a song, there are many ways to write code for your program. Be willing to step outside of the box and experiment with code.

Unless you use creativity, you will develop programming tunnel vision and may experience the same problems every time you write code. When you continue in this manner, programming becomes boring. Programming tools can help you become a better coder and help make your job easier.

Self Drive Is A Must

In order to be an effective programmer, you must be self-driven. Because programming is repetitive, you can become bored with your job. If you have no ambition, you can find yourself miserable.

Because programming requires a certain amount of creativity, you must learn to harness your motivation from within. You must enjoy the act of creating code just as much as producing the final product. If you do not enjoy creating code, you will find the job of a programmer dull and never finish your project.

The best job is one that you feel excited about. If you do not wake up eager to work on your project, your job choice may not be the right one. Here is a good infographic from AMSource Technology on how to succeed.

You Must Enjoy Figuring Out Problems Logically

Although programming is a creative art form, you will constantly be looking for solutions to coding problems. The issues that arise when programming are almost always solved by using logic.

Correcting problems with programming is called debugging. This is an essential part of the programming process. Do you like to solve riddles? Do you enjoy repairing items that are broken? Are you naturally inquisitive about how things work? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, programming may be the perfect job for you. If you answer no to these questions, you may want to look for a different career.

Programmers say that one of the most rewarding parts of programming is fixing bugs. In fact, the top programmers say that they prefer a complicated debugging issue because it allows them to stretch their imagination and use all of their coding prowess. If you do not enjoy the challenge of solving problems, a programming career will only be frustrating.

Long Periods of Sitting

Because of the nature of programming, you will sit at a computer for long periods of time. Although there are some great standing desks, you will still be in front of the computer most of your days.

Because programming can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, you should be aware of the health issues associated with programming and other computer related jobs, including weight gain and stress. Programmers often need to deal with lapses in productivity, unwanted distractions and even cabin fever.

You must enjoy sitting in front of the computer most of your day. The best programmers actually love spending time with computers more than spending time with people. Unless you enjoy working on a computer, you will end up hating your job.

No Normal Work Hours

Programmers either work for themselves or for someone else. Whichever type of programmer you are, you will probably have long coding sessions that may last late into the night.

Because software development runs on deadlines, you can end up pulling long hours as the deadline nears. Many coders work for days on end to ensure their programming is ready for the market before their competitors. If you are going to have a career in programming, you must be willing to work a lot of hours to stay ahead of the competition.

Additionally, if you run into a bug or programming problem, you will probably spend days thinking of solutions. This can affect your relationships with your friends and family if you do learn how to interact with others while working on a solution. In fact, enjoying some downtime is a great way to solve problems. By getting your mind off of the issue for a while, you can approach it with a fresh perspective when you go back to work.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when thinking about a career in programming. Programming requires creativity and logic. Programmers often spend hours working on solutions to coding problems. If the examples listed above seem overwhelming, then a career in programmer may not be the best choice for you.



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