Heavyweight Brands Theory: How They Use Instagram Video for Brand Promotion

With so many brands trying to build strong presence in the market over the years, only a few of them discovered the golden possibilities of using Instagram video advertising. If you need a leg up with this you can opt for buying video views on Instagram for maximum benefit for your campaign.

Gone are the days that it’s already enough to publish your brand on a newspaper, people nowadays are quite hooked to social media and capturing their attention can be just a click away!

Why choose Instagram over various social networks? It’s because Instagram have strongly built its reputation being considered as Teen’s Most Important Social Network in US according to the 2015 Meeker Report. It has been referred by the Forresster researcher Nate Elliot as the ”King of Social Engagement,” stating the fact that brands posted on Instagram can generate a follower with a rate of 4.21 percent. This could mean that Instagram can cater a follower engagement 58 times compared to Facebook and 120 times more compared to Twitter.

Now, let’s get into the real point, how do companies use Instagram video to promote their brand? So many companies have already gathered Instagram followers over the years because of posting photos, an established audience for the videos. With Instagram’s 15-seconds video exposure, plus its good video editing, companies now have chances to be creative in promoting their brand with a professional style. The following are ways on how Instagram video works for business:

Showing Their Company History


People love to know how your company had started. What is the story behind your success? How did you begin your business? By knowing these things, people will be inspired by your story and will learn to appreciate your product more. It is important for consumers to know how long you’ve been in the industry, for them to determine if they can depend on your for a longer time.

Embedding Instagram Videos in a Blog or a Website

If you have your own blog site or web site, Instagram enables you to easily embed Instagram videos there. Visitors on that site can access your video without having the need to open Instagram. Other bloggers can write about you and embed your video to their own sites. That’s how easy your video spreads. Mikegingerich is a helpful site that can teach you how to embed your Instagram videos.

Linking Instagram Videos to Facebook

Take advantage of the Facebook-Instagram tandem. People usually switch from Instagram to Facebook then back to Instagram environment. This means that if you link an Instagram to Facebook, you can connect to the World’s Largest Network with 818 million active users in addition to Instagram’s 130 million. In merely seconds, it arrives to Facebook feed attracting more likes, comments and shares that would soon multiply your number of followers. Social Media today gives you Five Analytic Tools that keeps track on number of Instagram likes per week, most liked videos, number of followers and the like.

Showcasing Company Events

The most important thing about creating mark on your brand is on how you connect to your consumers. Promote your event through a 15 second Instagram Video. Your followers will eventually feel that they are part of your important event. Use Instagram videos to let them view the highlights or the preview of an upcoming event. But remember this; don’t be so obvious in pushing your company brand. People will easily detect an advertisement and will avoid it. Instead of bluffing it out, show them how fun and exciting your company is by portraying how happy your employees are and the quality of life you build with them.

Visualizing a Real Story


Capture them while they swipe and freeze them from scrolling by doing a creative visual presentation. Put captivating colours to make it more and alluring and real. You will surely stand out if it will be registered in their minds. If a picture can paint a thousand words, videos can do even more; it can visualize a peculiar reality. If you are going to show something about your product or if have a message to convey, how are you going to present it? What do you want make them to feel? Is this how you want your company to be remembered? Having a strong and unique concept creates a strong and unbreakable connection to your viewers.

Whether showing solutions to existing problems, people would prefer watching it on a video rather than read about it. Since Instagram videos come in short sizes, people think it would not take much of their time.

Promoting a Lifestyle


Promote a lifestyle using your brand. Share your unique point of view on how your product can be used in daily life. Help people discover it by showing them how. They will find your product helpful if it could influence them to improve their lifestyle. They may also find your product a tool in pursuing their interests. Find a way to fit in to their wide range of daily life-long activities and provide the tools they need. Engage them to a new kind of lifestyle that they will embrace in themselves.

Hosting User-Generated Content

The creation of Instagram User-generated content is quite a trend today. You collaborate with you users by encouraging them to use hashtags (#) so you can tract their product reviews. People can participate and you can collect the content they have created. You can directly interact with your consumers by replying to their queries and feedbacks. Users will greatly popularize your brand by doing their own product reviews, tag people with them, share their posts, and put your store as a location. Imagine thousands of people helping you advertise your brand without having to pay them for it. Your brand can reach up to their widest circles with their recommendation. Social Media examiner can give you tips on how to use Instagram Hashtags to expand your reach.

Instagram has greatly helped Heavyweight brands in many different ways. Some ways are still for you to discover. By knowing the above ways on how they use Instagram video advertising for brand promotion, hoping you apply these techniques to your own business, as well.

Instagram As An Ecommerce Marketing Tool

Ecommerce stores need to do anything they can to get ahead and Instagram for many may be the best possible way. So, how do you utilize it for your business.

Look To Users for Your Content

The youngest generation of consumers has grown up expecting a fundamentally different relationship with brands than the one their parents had. They look for back-and-forth communication with brands on their social networks. You should strongly consider giving your customers a way to add to their pictures to your page. Buyers who appreciate your brand can post pictures of themselves using or wearing your products. Besides fostering engagement with your customers, this will also serve as a free source of promotion for your brand. You have a range of different third-party software tools that will make this possible and help you manage user-generated content. Start with a Google search for “embed an Instagram feed” to see your options.

Product Placement

Instagram is a terrific platform for showing off the way your product fits into real-life settings. This makes it easier for your users to understand how your product is meant to be used. Authenticity is important when you pursue this strategy. Even though you’re likely to carefully coordinate every aspect of the images you create for this kind of promotion, they should appear as natural as possible to your audience.

You don’t necessarily need a huge marketing budget to get started with this technique. See if there are any employees in your company who would like a chance to model your products. They may even have Instagram accounts of their own that they can use to spread your images further.

With a little more investment (in terms of both time and money), you can track down key influencers who are well-known in your target demographic and get them to post pictures that include your products. These kinds of deals are often very complex, but the rewards can be tremendous. You’ll get plenty of exposure for your brand and reach a much wider audience this way.

Instagram Contests

Contests are an evergreen marketing strategy on most platforms, and Instagram is no exception. Just bear in mind that you need to develop your following to a certain size in order to ensure that your contest gets sufficient exposure. You’ll also want to offer a prize that gets people legitimately excited about participating – discount coupons aren’t going to get the job done.

One good way to benefit from this is to add some Instagram likes initially as this will give the contest some traction and make it seem popular. People like to do what seems to be popular and adding followers or likes can provide a psychological edge.

Don’t spend too much time wincing about the cost of the prizes you need to run an effective contest. A well-run contest can generate huge amounts of exposure at a fraction of the cost of a traditional marketing campaign, even when you factor in the expense involved in the prizes. Structure your contests in multiple rounds to hold people’s attention for longer stretches of time. Don’t just run a “best submission” contest; build a bracket that puts contenders through multiple head-to-head rounds before you pick an overall winner.

Don’t Force It

Remember that an Instagram account costs you nothing, and neither do individual posts. Not every picture you upload needs to be a hard sales tool. Establishing your brand’s mood and character is also important. It’s an excellent idea to work with a professional photographer and familiarize him or her with your brand. A good photo shoot will give you lots of great options to choose from and provide you with a stream of Instagram content that will keep your account busy for a long time. The professional quality of the images will also serve to impress both current and future customers.

Tying Customers Into Your Brand

Never lose sight of the “social” part of social media. Interactions between your brand and your customers are supposed to go both ways. A well-run Instagram campaign can turn hordes of customers into ambassadors for your brand, expanding your reach dramatically. Operating an unengaged Instagram account will be a waste of your time or even have a negative effect. If you’re going to make the effort, make it count by reaching out to your customers.

How To Gain Followers On Instagram

Gaining Instagram Followers

More Instagram followers is something that takes effort and isn’t easily done. However, there are plenty of ways to give yourself a better chance of becoming more successful on the image social media site. We take a look.

The Beauty Of Your Photos Matters

Becoming successful on Instagram begins with beautiful images. If your photos don’t deliver on this fundamental point, you won’t gain any followers. Give people a reason for following you, and post photos that show an exceptional moment in time.

Front Facing Cameras Don’t Work For Instagram

The quality of the photos taken with your phone’s front facing camera is of substantially lower quality than photos taken with your rear facing camera. It’s easy to see why using this camera is such a bad idea when you consider that the software such as image stabilization built into the rear facing camera doesn’t come with the front facing camera.

Exposures Should Be Manually Set

It’s much more difficult to restore highlights than it is to bring back shadows, which is why your best bet is to shoot your pictures slightly under exposed.

With a quick tap of a button or a touch on the screen, it is possible to capture bright and happy shots, dark moody pictures, and everything in between. People who use iPhones can set image focus with a tap on the screen that brings up a small icon of a sun on the focus square side. In order to adjust the slider for the exposure, swipe it up or down until you have the look you desire.

Break Out Your Accessories As Night Falls

In order to get a night time still shot, use a tripod to hold your phone still. Light comes in three stages using the light cue. It’s possible to create a psychedelic feel to your pictures by incorporating some of the strange color functions into your shots.

Natural Light Sources

Natural light cannot be mimicked or replicated and remains better than any type of artificial light. In order to create moody depth within your images, use gloomy and overcast weather conditions. To create interesting shadows, look for shade areas that block vertical light. However, one of our favorite things to do is to use the softest rays of the day that occur during the magical sunsets and sunrises.

Using Other Types Of Cameras

The Camera+ and VSCO apps can separate focus from exposure by controlling the shutter speed. Users can decide which areas of the photo they want to focus on and/or expose by moving a marker around the screen. Camera+ users can capture images in both the TIFF and JPEG formats. This ability to obtain TIFF images means that your smartphone can deliver pictures of higher quality.

Carry Extra Battery

I never leave my home without an extra battery pack. In an Instagrammer’s backpack, you will always find a mobile charger because we are always on our phones. Plus, you gain the ability to boost your power on the go.

Figures Matter

People like to see success and having more Instagram views makes people feel you are offering something. If you buy Instagram views you can imagine you can expect people to think you’re popular and this can have a positive impact.

Explore The World

There is more to your city than you are aware of, even if it sometimes makes you feel claustrophobic. It is a simple matter to head out on a mission to find secret spots and hidden gems with your camera thanks the Instagram’s many photographic communities. Take your adventurous spirit, your camera phone, and some lunch out for a day of exploration.

Collaborate With Others

Photographers and Instagrammers love the chance to explore their world and capture images on an Instameet. It’s a wonderful way to find places located all over the world. In fact, I got the opportunity to head out with others in South Africa and discovered places that I would never have found on my own.

Remain Genuine

Tell the stories of your time with a genuine and open heart.