How To Gain Followers On Instagram

Gaining Instagram Followers

More Instagram followers is something that takes effort and isn’t easily done. However, there are plenty of ways to give yourself a better chance of becoming more successful on the image social media site. We take a look.

The Beauty Of Your Photos Matters

Becoming successful on Instagram begins with beautiful images. If your photos don’t deliver on this fundamental point, you won’t gain any followers. Give people a reason for following you, and post photos that show an exceptional moment in time.

Front Facing Cameras Don’t Work For Instagram

The quality of the photos taken with your phone’s front facing camera is of substantially lower quality than photos taken with your rear facing camera. It’s easy to see why using this camera is such a bad idea when you consider that the software such as image stabilization built into the rear facing camera doesn’t come with the front facing camera.

Exposures Should Be Manually Set

It’s much more difficult to restore highlights than it is to bring back shadows, which is why your best bet is to shoot your pictures slightly under exposed.

With a quick tap of a button or a touch on the screen, it is possible to capture bright and happy shots, dark moody pictures, and everything in between. People who use iPhones can set image focus with a tap on the screen that brings up a small icon of a sun on the focus square side. In order to adjust the slider for the exposure, swipe it up or down until you have the look you desire.

Break Out Your Accessories As Night Falls

In order to get a night time still shot, use a tripod to hold your phone still. Light comes in three stages using the light cue. It’s possible to create a psychedelic feel to your pictures by incorporating some of the strange color functions into your shots.

Natural Light Sources

Natural light cannot be mimicked or replicated and remains better than any type of artificial light. In order to create moody depth within your images, use gloomy and overcast weather conditions. To create interesting shadows, look for shade areas that block vertical light. However, one of our favorite things to do is to use the softest rays of the day that occur during the magical sunsets and sunrises.

Using Other Types Of Cameras

The Camera+ and VSCO apps can separate focus from exposure by controlling the shutter speed. Users can decide which areas of the photo they want to focus on and/or expose by moving a marker around the screen. Camera+ users can capture images in both the TIFF and JPEG formats. This ability to obtain TIFF images means that your smartphone can deliver pictures of higher quality.

Carry Extra Battery

I never leave my home without an extra battery pack. In an Instagrammer’s backpack, you will always find a mobile charger because we are always on our phones. Plus, you gain the ability to boost your power on the go.

Figures Matter

People like to see success and having more Instagram views makes people feel you are offering something. If you buy Instagram views you can imagine you can expect people to think you’re popular and this can have a positive impact.

Explore The World

There is more to your city than you are aware of, even if it sometimes makes you feel claustrophobic. It is a simple matter to head out on a mission to find secret spots and hidden gems with your camera thanks the Instagram’s many photographic communities. Take your adventurous spirit, your camera phone, and some lunch out for a day of exploration.

Collaborate With Others

Photographers and Instagrammers love the chance to explore their world and capture images on an Instameet. It’s a wonderful way to find places located all over the world. In fact, I got the opportunity to head out with others in South Africa and discovered places that I would never have found on my own.

Remain Genuine

Tell the stories of your time with a genuine and open heart.




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