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7 Practical Tips To Secure Your Laptop

This post points out a few practical ways to protect your laptop from intruders.


This is certainly obvious, but most people tend to neglect antivirus upgrades. It is important to look for an antivirus software that is strong enough and one that is regularly updated. Data security is very important so, take this as your first step towards laptop security.

If you’re in a Rugged Business

If you are in a business where a laptop or a machine is going to take some dents and knocks potentially, then we’d advise that you go for a machine to fit. Ruggedised laptops such as Chassis Plans options are a great option and built for such needs.


The second important feature to look at is the firewall. Of course, there’s the default windows firewall but using it doesn’t bulletproof your personal computer. It is a fact that Trojans and other viruses when binned become strong enough to bypass the latest antivirus. This is where an effective firewall program comes in handy as it blocks such programs from accessing the internet. There are numerous firewall programs to choose from. All you need to do is some research on the best free of paid ones out there. Just ensure your firewall is up to date at all times.

Software Updates

Patches and update are common for almost every software. The updates contain the latest features and bug fixes that make the software stable and more secure. In regards to this, it’s advisable to turn the automatic updates option or use a freeware such as filehippo to keep tabs on software updates.

Back Up Your Data

It is always great to take precaution and exercising to back your data and software regularly ascertains that you will never lose your valuable files. You can use a portable hard drive, but it’s better to backup on the cloud so that you can easily access your data from anywhere with internet connection. You can use Skydrive, Google drive or dropbox for cloud storage.

Tracking Programs

As a laptop is quite portable, there’s a high chance of losing it, especially if you travel with it a lot. As such, it is imperative to install a tracking software that can help locate your computer when stolen. You can use free software such as Adeona for this.

Always Use a Password for Login

Most people tend to ignore using passwords to access their gadgets, but this is a crucial security step for your laptop. It is important to prevent intruders from accessing your personal data by locking your computer with a sophisticated password. A strong password contains at least one numeric number, special characters, and uppercase letters.

These are some of the best ways to protect your valued laptop from gadget and data thieves. If you implement them, you reduce the chances of having your information exposed, or intruders getting their hands on important files.


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