Top Advantages Of Automated Software Testing

Software Automation

Test automation involves the use of code for the creation of programs that take on automated tests for software. This differs from manual testing as you are creating an automated test scenario and supervising it instead of having to perform the test itself. Testing automation is used often for regressive testing, which will seek out any new bugs in a program and then separate them.

In addition to this testing type that is code-driven, the other platform for automated testing is known as user environment stimulation. Here, testing software can be created as a way to replicated the typical user environment by way of mouse clicks and keystrokes. Software GUI responses will be recorded and analyzed per the automated input given.

Efficient Testing

Automated software testing is a good way to make your testing process very efficient. A testing team can be deployed strategically to take on the case specific testing as the automated software handles all of the time consuming and repetitive tests that all software must go through. This can be a great way for you to save tim, resources, money and also give you an incredible return on investment.

Reusability And Upgrading

Another wonderful aspect of test automation is the testing software is actually reusable. In addition to that, your testing software directory is able to be upgraded and then kept up to date with all of the new tests and each new bug that is discovered. Even though a main criticism against such testing is expense, you need to remember that this automation software is going to be long lasting and the reusable product justifies the cost. This blog from Capita IT Professional Services is worth a read.


These tests will offer a consistent platform for all of your testing needs. The tests that call for automation will usually be tedious in nature and automation can greatly reduce errors in testing. All you have to go is go through all of the pre-recorded instructions. Regression testing will verify whether or not the pre-existing functionalities will be suited for a newer version. This can be critical if new development in the current software takes place. Such consistency will give you necessary reliability for all of your testing protocols.

Shelf Life And Programmability

Test automation software is great for building to your exact specifications, while also serving as a prime component for any testing scenarios in the future. The in-house automated software that is developed by a testing firm will be modeled to have enough flexibility to take on a unique product, while also taking on the latest testing and security protocols. This will make the automation a very powerful and resourceful tool offering time saving capabilities and top results.

User Environment Stimulation

Testing automation can impact the testing procedure via the stimulation of a typical environment for users. GUI testing is a very time consuming and redundant process, simply because the tester needs to deploy the same procedure in environments that are user-driven to check for any issues with responsiveness of the GUI. Automated testing allows this procedure to be very easy.

OptimusQA is available to offer more information regarding all of the automated testing. As noted above, automated testing is the perfect way to make everything in the testing lab user friendly and easy. By the same token, it will offer the software creator a very unique advantage in terms of hassle free and quick testing along with a nice way to save valuable resources and staying ahead of given timelines.


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