Most Common Mistakes Of Web Designers

When web designers work on a website, it could be daunting. But the actual challenge is not actually taking care of the aesthetics but perfecting the need for a user-friendly design that actually converts. The problem with most web designers is that they fail to solve the user’s needs, and instead just design websites with their personal fancies in mind. The bad thing is users don’t think the way they think.

Let’s talk about the most common mistakes of website designers.

(1) Unorganized Content Layout

Content is what drives traffic to a website. The structure or layout of the content will lead to success or failure. Users usually just scan through information, and they only pick out the interesting points. Therefore, an organized layout is vital in attracting more users. Sadly, some designers don’t mind about the layout of the content. They just simply put a block of texts on the webpage without using headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, bullets, etc.

It’s important to use appropriate title for each web page so that users can easily follow them. Some web designers even forget naming web pages.

(2) Poor Readability

One of the most crucial elements of web design is its readability. The interface design of a website will initially grab the user’s attention. Unfortunately, there are two common mistakes web designers make in creating the interface design:

  • Bad color scheme

The first thing users notice about a website is its color scheme—before product and content. Some designers don’t have an eye in choosing color schemes. Some mistakes they make are: using overly timid colors, using overly saturated colors, and using too many colors. The most frequent color blunders committed by new designers, as well as experienced designers is color clashes. Color clashes often appear between the background and the foreground.

  • Bad font choices

Users read the website’s content to grasp some helpful information. But some websites have the most bizarre font sizes and styles that make reading a pain. A poor font choice can have a negative effect not just on your website but on your company’s reputation.

To improve your user’s site experience, check out suggested web design color schemes. A good place to start is Adobe Kuler. For your content, using Sans Serif typeface and other easy-to-read scripts are recommended.

(3) Inconsistent Interface Design

Some designers have excessive creativity. They take things to another level by using different designs for every web page. They have loads of ideas that they want to put in one website. But this is just confusing to the users. No matter how attractive the designs are, the inconsistent look of a website is just not appropriate.

Using a standard template for every page will keep the whole website simple and not confusing.

(4) Heavy to load website

Some designers design a website that’s heavy to load. And this is due to excessive images/animations. What a huge turn off it is when users are greeted by too much images and animations, plus the website takes too long to load due to this inefficient web design approach. Excessive usage of Ads also contributes to a slow load time.

Distracting images, animations, and Ads will only make your users leave your website. These elements should be minimized and should be used appropriately.

(5) Missing Search Box

Designers sometimes forget that a website is like an archive of information. Whether it’s a company website or a blog, a search box is essential. Visitors are likely to be looking for some information that’s hidden within the website. A good web design includes a search box that is easy to find. A neat and simple search box on top, or on the side, is an effective tool that will enable site visitors to easily search for information.


Take a look at your web design strategy right now and avoid these common web design mistakes. A professionally made website is your best tool in gaining more customers and establishing your company’s credibility. When building a new website or improving an existing website, make sure to understand how users think. Website designers should keep websites simple yet attractive. The most important thing when you design a website, above all else, is usability.


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9 Practical WordPress Design Tips

Every person has their preference, each one has his or her reason why he or she open a particular website, it is up to you, the web designer, whether that person will stay or not, revisit the site or not. Publishing a website is like having that first date. Will they love to see you again? Or you will just disappear in their memory and will not hear anything from them again? And your goal is for them to keep coming back for more and even make them stay.

Now that the pressure is on you, here are some helpful WordPress design tips that will create traffic in your website.


All though WordPress is free, you can upgrade to a certain amount that you can afford which offers you features that you can use in your website. Like choosing your own domain name that can help people to easily identify, search and remember your site. By upgrading you can also gain more storage space and remove WordPress ads. And since we called this an investment, the return for you is that you can monetize your site, acquire knowledge through their live courses and many more.


They say first impression lasts. I believe this is true at some point. The way you present your site is a big factor in making people stay on your site. All of us had opened three or more site in the search engine and we stay on, first, what is appealing in our eyes and, second, what is relevant to what we were searching for. Some sites have great contents but have eye sore interface, filled with ads, unnecessary contents and unreadable font styles, this made it easy for the audience to press that “X” button. Give an impression that your site has a relevant design and contents.


Keep your page interesting by keeping up with the design trends. This makes your site even more relevant. Get that creative mind going and stay up to date that will make your audience to stay longer and come back more often. Look for ways on how to incorporate your contents with the trend without sacrificing your brand. Check on design trends that are catchy and that will stand out. Even introduce a design that might be new to the market but will become a hit and inspire other web designers as well.


Make sure that your designs will be able to adjust from its compatibility the audience’s screen size, platform and device. Make sure that regardless of your audience’s device, your design will not be ruined.  Remember that people use various devices with various screen sizes. Your site will probably get view in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wide screen monitor and other outputs. Conduct a regular troubleshooting schedule just to make sure that your site is compatible with whatever device is in the market.


Design a site where the visitors can easily locate the contents they need. Make it easy for them to navigate and explore your site. The more you make it accessible, their interest stays. Sometimes being direct will make people choose your site over the other. Your contents must be on point also. Making links after links will lose the interest of your audience. Create a search bar. Add clear labels. Minimize annoying ads, pop ups and banners. Avoid redundant post and confusing information. Make it simple. Make it accessible.


Some people want to maximize the page of their site, but it gives the eye of the audience to fully understand what is on your site. You will give your audience a headache if your site materials are all over the place. Proper placement and spacing will allow you to highlight what you wanted to highlight and it will allow the user to see and identify that highlighted content. Proper spacing will help in the having your site accessible. People can clearly see and focus on one thing and it will encourage them to check on what is next on your content. A little space is like a breather for the eyes. A little space can make a big difference in your design.


WordPress offers unlimited themes and from their themes, you can add your own personal design. Maximize it. Use different fonts suitable for your website. Add plug-ins that can help you customize designs. Remember you are pleasing the eyes of the viewers. A simple font can make the person engaged in your site. Maximize what you have. You might not be considered as a professional web designer, but when you maximize what you have, you are offering the best for your guests.


Like accessibility, you are boosting your visitor’s interest if you keep things simple. Create forms that are easy to understand and fill up. Do not request additional unnecessary information from the guests. Filling up long forms can decrease the attention of your site visitors. Some guest even closes the site instantly when seeing forms. It is time consuming. As a web designer, you must challenge yourself to create forms in a friendly manner.

Head’s Up

All of us experience a site crashing or having a down time. It is annoying for users especially those not that knowledgeable in computer terms to see something they do not understand. Consider creating an error page when things go wrong. Having this custom made 404 error pages will guarantee your audience that you are working on your site and it be up again soon. It also gives an impression that you care enough since you are giving them a clear head’s up.

There you go! Remember these are just nine simple guidelines that can help you boost your web design abilities. Exercise your creative skills but do not forget to check on the simple details. Those details matter. Design sites that are helpful and relevant to the world. Create a website that is worthy of the guest’s time and worthy to be shared.

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14 Common Misconceptions About Website Design

Contrary to what most people think, the design of your business’ website is actually crucial to its success. If you want your corporate website to have a lot of visitors and loyal followers, then your website must have a design that wholly appeals to your intended target market. The problem with lots business owners is that they believe that the design of the website is not very important. They only focus on the content and information inside the site. There are other 14 misconceptions about website design that may actually kill the success of your business.


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1. The Fancier the Website is, the Better

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions about web design. While it may be true that fancy websites are good for targeting the upper class market and promoting luxury products, there is such a thing as overkill. What am I talking about? When we say fancy, some website owners tend to add too many designs in the website and make use of “fancy” fonts, like French script and Ravie, for the content. Fancy websites are not entirely bad, but there is always a limit. Keep within the boundaries and you’ll be fine.

2. Visitors will Like What I Like

A lot of website designers would have this kind of misconception. These web designers would often think that if they like the design that they made, then the intended target market will like it automatically. Always remember that just because one person likes something, it doesn’t mean that everyone else will. When creating a website, always keep your target market in mind, not your own preferences. Study what they like and get to know what they are looking for in a website. Do that and your website will become a huge success.

3. A Website Must Have No Empty Spaces

It’s probably an artist’s thing to fill up all the spaces with something. However, sometimes leaving some space in between two pictures or a paragraph can be a good thing. You wouldn’t want to clutter up the website to a point where no one wants to look at it anymore. Instead of filling up every single space with something, keep some of the spaces blank so that the website can look simple.

4. Website Testing is Not Required

Believe it or not, there are some business owners who think that their websites don’t need to undergo testing anymore because the design is already so good. This is probably one of the most foolish thoughts, not to mention that it’s a display of arrogance. Website testing is always very important because it will prepare you for the actual launch. If there are any problems during the testing, at least you can address them right away before the website is actually published. However, if you’re concerned about the amount of time website testing will take; you can consult a Professional Website Development Company to the process for you.

5. Good Websites Don’t Need Regular Updates

This is another misconception that has to be changed. No matter how good your website looks, no one’s going to be interested in it forever if it remains the same. It’s good to spice things up a little bit by editing the content, the design, and the front page a bit. For example, if it’s Christmas, you can put a Christmas greeting at the side of your website and just take it out when the holidays are over.

6. Any Image Can be Used in the Website

Most people think that they can just grab any photo on Google and use it in their website. While there are some stock photos that you can buy online, you can’t just use random photos or pictures for your website. Some of these photos have patents on them and you can be sued by the owner if you use them.

7. The Competitor’s Content Can be Copied

The same principle of originality goes for your competitor’s content. Aside from this being against the law, it is also unappealing to see a company copy it’s competitor’s content. Even if it was reworded, if the structure stays the same, then it is still just a copy. When making the content for your website, always be original. You can pluck ideas from your competitor, but turn them into your own.

8. People Will Automatically Come When the Site is Built

No, people are not going to flock to your site once it is built. The website design will provide the first impression. If people like the way your website looks from afar, then they will not mind to continue checking out the other pages. Always concentrate on making the best looking website so people will want to explore it.

9. Websites Should Look The Same in a Computer and a Mobile Phone

When you access your website in a mobile phone, there should be at least a few differences in look and interface as to when you access it on a desktop. There should be a “Classic” view for desktop computers and a “Mobile Friendly” version for the Smartphone users.

10. The Website’s Design has Nothing to Do with Website Conversion

What is conversion in terms of website promotion? It is the act of website visitors following a specific action that you want them to take (e.g. buying a product that the website is promoting). The website’s design has a lot to do with conversion because if the site looks nice, has user-friendly interface and contains good content, then visitors won’t mind sticking around and become a follower. It is because of this that many businesses seek the help of a professional website development company, like ConvertBetter, to help them. Web Development companies specialize in increasing the site’s conversion rate. You’ll find such companies along the lines of “We Make Website Convert Better” motto. With a tagline like “We Make Website Convert Better”, you’ll see that they know what they’re talking about.


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11. The Logo of the Business Must be Big and Omnipresent

While it is true that your logo has to be very visible, it shouldn’t be so in-your-face. Refrain from pasting your logo all over the site and making them too big. Doing both is just plain overkill.

12. A Lot of Flash Animation Should Be Used

Flash animation is something that can spice up your website. However, you shouldn’t overdo it; otherwise your website might look cheap. Some subtle animations at the side will do.

13. There Should be a Lot of Visible Call to Actions

Call to actions is great because it makes your website visitors actually move. However, it’s not advisable to put them everywhere in your site. People in general don’t like being sold stuff so don’t try to kill the vibe by hard selling.

14. Anyone can Make a Website!

Yes it’s true that anyone can make a website but not everyone can make a good website. Since designing a website is very crucial, it’s suggested that you leave the job to professionals. One way could be hiring a website development company like ConvertBetter, among others. ConvertBetter happens to a professional website development company known for their tagline, “We Make Website Convert Better”.


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Affordable Web Design Services

web design servicesNo matter how you go about it, having an eye appealing website is important for branding and important for business. However, affordable web design services are far and in between. Everyone wants a website that is dynamic in design and graphics. Many people don’t realize how important the look of your website is. I see websites all the time that are in desperate need of a makeover. Their company has did everything right, except for the design of their website. Your web design can be the cause of low traffic, I’ve seen it time and time again. Nearly 70 percent of the websites we’ve rebuilt doubled traffic instantly. If you’re not making sales or your traffic is low, the design of your website can be the culprit.

Now, you want to get a website built or a makeover on a current website, where do you turn? Of course you want affordable web design services but where do you go? Does your budget allow for a dynamic website to be built, probably in the ballpark of $3,ooo-$10,000. Do you go through a freelancer for a few hundred dollars? It saves you money but can they deliver the high-quality results that you want? In the end, you can be left with more questions then answers.

At Hale Web Development, we build websites that range from $500.00-$10,000. The cost of your web design services depends on the elements added to your website. What makes Hale Web Development different from other web development companies? At Hale Web Development, you can make payments on your web design services. We understand that a new website can put a strain on your budget. Our flex-pay options allows you to make a deposit on your website and pay the rest later. We have several flex-pay options to fit your needs, you don’t have to shop for less.

Hale Web Development specializes in WordPress websites. We always recommend WordPress because it is the best content management system in the world. Why is that important to web design? If your website can’t be found on Google, what is the point of having one built, right? We design your website in relation with the highest practices of search engine optimization. This gives your website the best chance of being ranked quickly. If your website already has rankings, we make sure that the changes increase your search engine rankings. All of our built websites are optimized for SEO.

Another reason that we highly recommend WordPress is because of simplicity and optimization. You’re going to need access to your back office. WordPress has a simple back office that is easy to learn. Other applications can be difficult to navigate and this can cause you time, money and effort. WordPress has a ton of plugins that can add features and tools to your website. From SEO to marketing, these plugins can optimize your website to run by itself. These plugins can make everyone’s job easier. And if you ever need changes made, most changes can be made in just a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you have a photography website, ecommerce website or a specific niche website, Hale Web Development can help. With our included SEO optimization and flex-pay options, a budget doesn’t have to get between your need for a high-quality website. On top of this, if you have a website built by Hale Web Development, you get free customizations for an entire year! If you need something changed, we change it for free. It’s that simple. Some restrictions do apply.

If you’re looking for affordable web design services, you’ll find them at Hale Web Development. Contact us today for a free quote and evaluation. If you need a consult and your not a Hale Associations client, we’ll do it for free. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Take the time to look at our portfolio of built websites. If you need anything, we’re just a call or email away.


Web Design Solutions-Building Websites On WordPress


Web Design On WordPress

Web Development On WordPress

When it comes to online business, your website is a crucial aspect of everything you do online. If you’re not a web developer or web design specialist, your going to need web design solutions to start your business. We know that there’s free platforms, such as Wix, BlogSpot or the free version of WordPress. Although these free platforms are “Free,” they limit you and your business. They don’t perform as good as an unique URL either. You need an unique domain and a platform to launch your online business.

One of the best platforms to build your online business is WordPress. At Hale Web Development, we use WordPress because it’s the best platform to launch your business and grow. WordPress gives you many options and doesn’t limit your business. If you learn one thing today, “never limit your business and capabilities.” Every successful business has to have room for growth so plan accordingly. WordPress gives you everything you need to have a great website built and optimized to perform.

WordPress has thousands of plugins to help you build your website. From search engine optimization to marketing, you can add a variety of different features to your website to help conversions. For SEO, the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin is a big favorite and rightfully so. Mailpoet is another great WordPress plugin, it allows you to capture emails and send out newsletters. I prefer using Strictly Sitemap to map my websites so Google can crawl them. These WordPress plugins play a vital role to your website.

Another reason that we choose WordPress for designing websites is the clean formatting. WordPress has clean formatting. This formatting can be enhanced with plugins also, giving you a ton of great features when designing your website. WordPress is very easy to use, very easy to learn and very functional. You have thousands of free themes to choose from or you can choose a paid WordPress theme. Either way, themes and plugins can give your website a great look.

WordPress is known as a Content Management System, also called CMS. This is important because content is needed to grow your search engine rankings. More commonly known as a blog, your CMS plays a vital role in the success of your website. Every website should have some type of content system. Blogs serve a variety of different purposes. You can use your blog to showcase your talents, show that your an authority in your respected niche. Adding content on-site also increases your search engine rankings, linking probability and can help you build trust with clients. Again, you need fresh content to compete against authority websites, especially when your domain is brand new.

When building a new website, it’s extremely important to have it optimized from day one. It doesn’t matter what niche your in, you’ll have to compete against authority websites to be successful. Your main focus should be optimization from day one. If you build your website on WordPress, you’ll have the resources and tools to be completely optimized. WordPress also gives you full control over your website’s design through widgets. Of course, you want a theme that has plenty of options but you can control the placement of your website’s features through drag and drop widgets.

Every webmaster should take the time to learn web design, SEO, advertising, email marketing and social media marketing. When you have a new website, organic traffic is going to take time. It doesn’t matter if your selling services or products, you’ll need marketing campaigns to convert sales until you build organic growth. Having a basic knowledge of all these fields can help your business get off the ground. The first year of your business will be very important. If you don’t know web design, marketing and what it takes to build a business online, we offer affordable web design solutions to help your business succeed.

If your looking to have a website built, be sure to give us a call or send us an email. Even if you’re working on a tight budget, Hale Web Development can help you get your business off the ground. We offer over 100 different services, all aimed at growing your online business and making it successful. We’ll help you build your website, get it optimized to perform and help you build a strong marketing presence built to make sales. Hale Web Development and Hale Associations also offer web design consulting services. This will save you both time and money and ensure that you build your website correctly. We offer 24-7 support, so contact us at anytime. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website, good luck and we wish you success.

Web Design-Affordable Web Design Services

Web Design ServicesWeb Design Services

Online business is getting more competitive as the days pass. By this time tomorrow, thousands of websites will make their debut online. A day from then, thousands more will be officially online. As the days, weeks and months pass, it gets harder to rank and compete within your niche. Affordable web design services is crucial for any business on a tight budget.

One of the main reasons that businesses don’t operate online is due to the cost of having their website designed. The initial cost of having a website designed can easily cost $3,000 or more. If you include the cost of running a business online and daily operations, it can add a few more thousand dollars a month. Money can be saved by the company operating its own online business but if you don’t know how to optimize your websites, the effort can seem pointless.

At Hale Web Development, we offer both web design services and daily operational services. On average, we can build a 10 page website fully optimized for around $1,200-$1,500. Daily operational fees average a cost of around $30 with most clients. Please keep in mind, this is only an estimate. Your total cost depends on your exact needs. New websites need a lot of early attention to gain rankings and secure a proper foothold in their respected niche.

Newly established websites also need search engine optimization and social media marketing. Although all these additional services are optional, there’s no point to have a website built if no one can find it. Both SEO and SMM is used to help you gain early rankings and traffic until your website can begin optimizing for organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to website traffic sent via search engines.

Another service that we offer at Hale Web Development is business planning and business model services. One of the main reasons that many new businesses fail is due to management. Business models need to be calculated carefully and established. There’s no established price for this service, the business models depends on your established trade, niche and opportunities. High margin and valued customers are just part of the equation. Investments are another. Without proper planning, your business may be doomed from the very start.

We have all the tools, experience and resources to build your websites for an affordable price. We also have options to help you develop a business model and provide 24-7 operations for your business. Our quotes and evaluations are always free. At the very least, you’ll learn exactly what your online business needs and it won’t cost you penny. Don’t hesitate another second, give Hale Web Development a call today or contact us via email.