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Online business is getting more competitive as the days pass. By this time tomorrow, thousands of websites will make their debut online. A day from then, thousands more will be officially online. As the days, weeks and months pass, it gets harder to rank and compete within your niche. Affordable web design services is crucial for any business on a tight budget.

One of the main reasons that businesses don’t operate online is due to the cost of having their website designed. The initial cost of having a website designed can easily cost $3,000 or more. If you include the cost of running a business online and daily operations, it can add a few more thousand dollars a month. Money can be saved by the company operating its own online business but if you don’t know how to optimize your websites, the effort can seem pointless.

At Hale Web Development, we offer both web design services and daily operational services. On average, we can build a 10 page website fully optimized for around $1,200-$1,500. Daily operational fees average a cost of around $30 with most clients. Please keep in mind, this is only an estimate. Your total cost depends on your exact needs. New websites need a lot of early attention to gain rankings and secure a proper foothold in their respected niche.

Newly established websites also need search engine optimization and social media marketing. Although all these additional services are optional, there’s no point to have a website built if no one can find it. Both SEO and SMM is used to help you gain early rankings and traffic until your website can begin optimizing for organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to website traffic sent via search engines.

Another service that we offer at Hale Web Development is business planning and business model services. One of the main reasons that many new businesses fail is due to management. Business models need to be calculated carefully and established. There’s no established price for this service, the business models depends on your established trade, niche and opportunities. High margin and valued customers are just part of the equation. Investments are another. Without proper planning, your business may be doomed from the very start.

We have all the tools, experience and resources to build your websites for an affordable price. We also have options to help you develop a business model and provide 24-7 operations for your business. Our quotes and evaluations are always free. At the very least, you’ll learn exactly what your online business needs and it won’t cost you penny. Don’t hesitate another second, give Hale Web Development a call today or contact us via email.


Richard Hale is the Founder of Hale Associations, a company that provides Web Development, SEO and Marketing services globally.