Most Common Mistakes Of Web Designers

When web designers work on a website, it could be daunting. But the actual challenge is not actually taking care of the aesthetics but perfecting the need for a user-friendly design that actually converts. The problem with most web designers is that they fail to solve the user’s needs, and instead just design websites with their personal fancies in mind. The bad thing is users don’t think the way they think.

Let’s talk about the most common mistakes of website designers.

(1) Unorganized Content Layout

Content is what drives traffic to a website. The structure or layout of the content will lead to success or failure. Users usually just scan through information, and they only pick out the interesting points. Therefore, an organized layout is vital in attracting more users. Sadly, some designers don’t mind about the layout of the content. They just simply put a block of texts on the webpage without using headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, bullets, etc.

It’s important to use appropriate title for each web page so that users can easily follow them. Some web designers even forget naming web pages.

(2) Poor Readability

One of the most crucial elements of web design is its readability. The interface design of a website will initially grab the user’s attention. Unfortunately, there are two common mistakes web designers make in creating the interface design:

  • Bad color scheme

The first thing users notice about a website is its color scheme—before product and content. Some designers don’t have an eye in choosing color schemes. Some mistakes they make are: using overly timid colors, using overly saturated colors, and using too many colors. The most frequent color blunders committed by new designers, as well as experienced designers is color clashes. Color clashes often appear between the background and the foreground.

  • Bad font choices

Users read the website’s content to grasp some helpful information. But some websites have the most bizarre font sizes and styles that make reading a pain. A poor font choice can have a negative effect not just on your website but on your company’s reputation.

To improve your user’s site experience, check out suggested web design color schemes. A good place to start is Adobe Kuler. For your content, using Sans Serif typeface and other easy-to-read scripts are recommended.

(3) Inconsistent Interface Design

Some designers have excessive creativity. They take things to another level by using different designs for every web page. They have loads of ideas that they want to put in one website. But this is just confusing to the users. No matter how attractive the designs are, the inconsistent look of a website is just not appropriate.

Using a standard template for every page will keep the whole website simple and not confusing.

(4) Heavy to load website

Some designers design a website that’s heavy to load. And this is due to excessive images/animations. What a huge turn off it is when users are greeted by too much images and animations, plus the website takes too long to load due to this inefficient web design approach. Excessive usage of Ads also contributes to a slow load time.

Distracting images, animations, and Ads will only make your users leave your website. These elements should be minimized and should be used appropriately.

(5) Missing Search Box

Designers sometimes forget that a website is like an archive of information. Whether it’s a company website or a blog, a search box is essential. Visitors are likely to be looking for some information that’s hidden within the website. A good web design includes a search box that is easy to find. A neat and simple search box on top, or on the side, is an effective tool that will enable site visitors to easily search for information.


Take a look at your web design strategy right now and avoid these common web design mistakes. A professionally made website is your best tool in gaining more customers and establishing your company’s credibility. When building a new website or improving an existing website, make sure to understand how users think. Website designers should keep websites simple yet attractive. The most important thing when you design a website, above all else, is usability.


Christian Jude Cuyos is an enthusiast, who transforms complicated ideas into more suitable and valuable to readers. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. together with ConvertBetter, an expert of online marketing company and web designers helps him be a professional marketer.


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