Client And SEO Relationships-What You Should Know

SEO And Client RelationshipsSEO And Client Relations

I read a great article today by Stoney deGeyter on Search Engine Guide and it inspired me to write this post. Stoney mentioned some great points in his article, all referring back to a client who sued a SEO firm for using SEO techniques against Google’s guidelines. There’s a lot of people out there that use the title “SEO expert.” This doesn’t always mean that an expert is what you’re getting. Before you even consider working with a SEO firm or expert, as a client, you need to make sure you understand the relationship clearly. This relationship could be the difference between success and failure.

One point that I took away from Stoney’s article is that client and SEO relationship. He mentioned that a lot of the success of SEO is based on the client and I couldn’t agree more. Over the years, I’ve had clients that are unwilling to optimize their website according to SEO techniques that we know work. Remember, Google does tell us what they want and don’t want. If a client is unwilling to make such changes, can the SEO really be liable for undesired results? One non-optimized SEO technique could make a big difference in results. What if a client is unwilling to have a content marketing campaign or to have internal links? I’ve ran across clients that wished this, I’m sure you have as well. It makes you wonder what a judge might say.

Search Engine RankingsAnother point he made was the fact that Google ranked websites, not the SEO. Again, I agree. No one knows the complete Google algorithm, only Google does. All we can do as SEOs is go by the guidelines and policies that Google gives us. All a SEO can do is go by these guidelines and use the techniques that Google wants to see. Yes, a SEO can increase your website but there’s hundreds of factors that determine where you rank in search engines. In the far and between, there’s hundreds of techniques that Google frowns upon. Often called black hat SEO or gray hat SEO, these are techniques that are often used to manipulate search engine results. These are also the same techniques that get your website on the black list with penalties. When you play by black hat rules, you always run the risk of penalty.

Great Working Relationships

Your relationship with your SEO or client should be one that is understood by both parties. I would suggest a clear plan of SEO techniques that will be used during each project or stage. Client and SEO relationships are beneficial when both parties work together. As a client, you should be focused on building your rankings and business. SEOs can’t do it all, you also have responsibilities growing your business. Together, goals and milestones should be set. Both the client and SEO should work together as one to achieve results.

Expectations can be set and should be but don’t set the bar high. Expectations need to be reasonable and within reach or achievement. If your SEO is suggesting changes, consider them and the benefits of doing so. As a client, you should take the time to learn the basics of search engine optimization. This will also help you choose better SEO experts or firm. I can answer any question that a client ask me concerning SEO because I know the subject thoroughly. As a client, you’re responsible for choosing the right SEO company or expert. A basic knowledge and understanding of SEO will help guide you to the right company.

Research To Find Credible Sources

Experienced SEO ExpertsIf you’ve search for experts SEOs in the past, you know that there’s a wide range of pay scales for the position. I know a lot of you may be enticed to get cheap SEO services but you may just get what you paid for. Then again, it all may work out. The point, always make sure you research the SEO before choosing anyone’s services. Take the time to research them, look for reviews or read their content. Check their portfolio, past clients and any profiles that may be up. You can also check their social media platforms. Anything that gives them credibility will do.

Client and SEO relationships are what you make them. The key to success is a great working relationship, a great client and a great SEO. Work together as a team, stay updated on search engine algorithms and educate one another. Of course you want a SEO that you can trust but they have the ability to train you so you know what to be aware of.

No matter what you do, Google still controls their search engine and where your websites rank. It’s important to know that your SEO’s job is to help you rank better and grow your business. Just as Stoney stated, it’s Google’s job to rank your website.


Richard Hale is the Founder of Hale Associations, a company that provides Web Development, SEO and Marketing services globally.