Affordable Web Design Services

web design servicesNo matter how you go about it, having an eye appealing website is important for branding and important for business. However, affordable web design services are far and in between. Everyone wants a website that is dynamic in design and graphics. Many people don’t realize how important the look of your website is. I see websites all the time that are in desperate need of a makeover. Their company has did everything right, except for the design of their website. Your web design can be the cause of low traffic, I’ve seen it time and time again. Nearly 70 percent of the websites we’ve rebuilt doubled traffic instantly. If you’re not making sales or your traffic is low, the design of your website can be the culprit.

Now, you want to get a website built or a makeover on a current website, where do you turn? Of course you want affordable web design services but where do you go? Does your budget allow for a dynamic website to be built, probably in the ballpark of $3,ooo-$10,000. Do you go through a freelancer for a few hundred dollars? It saves you money but can they deliver the high-quality results that you want? In the end, you can be left with more questions then answers.

At Hale Web Development, we build websites that range from $500.00-$10,000. The cost of your web design services depends on the elements added to your website. What makes Hale Web Development different from other web development companies? At Hale Web Development, you can make payments on your web design services. We understand that a new website can put a strain on your budget. Our flex-pay options allows you to make a deposit on your website and pay the rest later. We have several flex-pay options to fit your needs, you don’t have to shop for less.

Hale Web Development specializes in WordPress websites. We always recommend WordPress because it is the best content management system in the world. Why is that important to web design? If your website can’t be found on Google, what is the point of having one built, right? We design your website in relation with the highest practices of search engine optimization. This gives your website the best chance of being ranked quickly. If your website already has rankings, we make sure that the changes increase your search engine rankings. All of our built websites are optimized for SEO.

Another reason that we highly recommend WordPress is because of simplicity and optimization. You’re going to need access to your back office. WordPress has a simple back office that is easy to learn. Other applications can be difficult to navigate and this can cause you time, money and effort. WordPress has a ton of plugins that can add features and tools to your website. From SEO to marketing, these plugins can optimize your website to run by itself. These plugins can make everyone’s job easier. And if you ever need changes made, most changes can be made in just a few minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you have a photography website, ecommerce website or a specific niche website, Hale Web Development can help. With our included SEO optimization and flex-pay options, a budget doesn’t have to get between your need for a high-quality website. On top of this, if you have a website built by Hale Web Development, you get free customizations for an entire year! If you need something changed, we change it for free. It’s that simple. Some restrictions do apply.

If you’re looking for affordable web design services, you’ll find them at Hale Web Development. Contact us today for a free quote and evaluation. If you need a consult and your not a Hale Associations client, we’ll do it for free. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Take the time to look at our portfolio of built websites. If you need anything, we’re just a call or email away.



Richard Hale is the Founder of Hale Associations, a company that provides Web Development, SEO and Marketing services globally.