How To Do Keyword Research And Slay It

The advent of effective marketing tools has made the business setting nowadays a daunting arena for brands who want to gain a market spot and succeed.

More efficient tools would mean more opportunities in reaching a larger and broader market that no enterprise can obtain when exhausting conventional marketing methods.

On top of the list is– search.

Today, if people seeks info about almost anything such as getting news and updates or getting more facts about a certain brand, products or services – most depend on what the search engines show them. Most of these users wouldn’t even seek further than the first page of the results shown.

Now, as an entrepreneur, there’s no other option to survive in the modern marketplace than to rank high in Google.

How to acquire high rankings in SERPs then?

It may all begin in pursuing the right keywords to concentrate on your digital marketing battle.

Keyword research is certainly one of the most crucial aspects of a digital marketing campaign, particularly in SEO. The following will  show you why.

The Importance of Excellent Keyword Research


The majority of online users use search engines in looking out for figures and information. They type in keywords. And in return, search engine’s complicated set of algorithms examines the vast amount of web pages indexed by the crawlers. These ‘spiders’ are software crawling through the contents of the web pages, then the search engine would match the keyword phrase used during the searches to give the users relevant answers.

Indeed, keywords are extremely significant in the course of matching the contents of your site on what your target audience are actually eyeing for.

The keywords must be targeted on the traffic that you want to come to your website, a traffic that eventually converts into profit generating customers. Otherwise, using wrong keywords will only entice traffic that isn’t going to contribute anything to your business.

Indeed, if few words are able to define what your site contents must be, that is probably because you are using right keyword phrases.

Ideally, you must hunt for keywords that the majority of people are using in their online searches but are used by a relatively small number of competitors. That is  possible if you are able to know the following considerations in keyword research.

Vital Concerns On Keyword Research


As an entrepreneur, you surely would want to create a name in the marketplace, the proper keyword research procedure could be your best ticket to obtaining success in this field. We have listed few vital concerns while doing keyword research, take a look.

    • Create Your Preliminary Keyword Lists

By placing yourself on your targeted visitors’ shoes, you can  have a list of keyword phrases that they are probably using in finding the kinds of services or products you are actually offering.

Primarily, this line of lists can come from guesses drawn out from squeaky air or things you assume individuals will be using to search for the things offered on your website. Consider thinking about where, what, why and how and other possible queries that your targeted audience are possibly using.

    • Restructure Your List With A Keyword Research Tool


Sometimes, keyword research can be a real pain. Looking out for good tools in making the entire process less time-consuming and efficient can be, too.

The research process is not really something you can just skip if you don’t have time or resources available.

After having your preliminary list, it will be important if you can surely come up with the most right keywords with the aid of a keyword research tool – the most used is the Keyword Google Planner.

In accessing this free software, you must have an AdWords account. The Google Keyword Planner will show you neat stats including average monthly searches, competition level, the average cost per click and so on.

  • Polish Your List Through The Aid of Keyword Suggestions

If you’re finished shortlisting an updated keyword phrases, polish your list more by utilizing various keyword suggestions offered by the keyword research tool. The tool could help you by giving healthier insights on the way targeted audiences arrange, subtract or words from keyword phrases in every actual search. But, you must be extra careful in your enhancement process to guarantee that your final selection of keywords aren’t just related to the contents of your website alone but must actually and correctly describe what your content is really all about.

  • Be Cautious About Utilizing General Keywords

Various online users may use general keywords such as “healthy ice cream” for the duration of a particular search, but again, be careful in using this type of keyword as this may put you in the ocean of rivalry. There will be also an influx of visitors that are not as targeted like you thought and thus cannot offer you any money. General keywords are deemed to be useful only for those businesses who wish to target customers internationally.

However if your business is situated in a specific city, adding in specific name of the place with your keyword like “healthy ice cream New York” can offer you better results. True, this kind of phrases may attract lesser search volume but these searches are the ones that every business website must be drawing – the kind that may convert into paying customers.

  • Do Separate Keyword Research For Precise Products You Offer

You may be proposing services or products that are under different classification or category. You must be able to do isolated keyword research of each of the categories. This could be a bit tiresome especially if you own an ecommerce site that that needs to feature numerous categories. But, being able to target your keyword on this manner will offer you a better chance of inviting more qualified leads that are exactly eyeing for the precise types of products that are featured in your site on a specific category.

  • Exploit Long Tail Keywords

Consider using long tail keywords. These keywords may not have too many searches however the people who are doing long tail searches may generally have specific concerns that they need to resolve. The critical idea is to target numerous and significant long tail keywords in your site contents to allow you have a continuous flow of highly targeted visitors to your site

Technically, to categorize long tail keywords related to your niche, you need to put additional words to your root keywords. For example, our original keyword is ‘healthy restaurant New York’, it may become a long tail if we put ‘where is the best healthy restaurant in New York’. Most SEO elites utilize long tail keywords with their posts to get higher ranking in SERPs.


Once more, in carrying out a successful keyword research campaign, it is essential that you are able to put yourself in your target audience shoes and try to see through their eyes and ideas. You must be able to figure out on how they pick words to use in doing online searches.


Certainly, keyword research has an extremely important role in this regard to help streamline your SEO campaign and carry in targeted visitors that offer profitable results.



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Patrick P. is the CEO and founder of LinkVista Digital Inc, a company which provides cost-efficient online solutions such as content and SEO management.





Why You Should Start Your SEO With Long-Tail Keywords


Benefits Of Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keywords

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a field that is ever changing and often out of our control as SEO experts. Competition is fierce for all competitive keywords and start-up websites are off to big disadvantages from day one. Nearly August 2014 and SEO is different then now then it was at the beginning of 2014. No matter what, Google controls your results, not your SEO. Important to remember. Key point? Abide by Google’s rules, it’s that simple. Don’t worry about short-term gains with unfavorable SEO techniques. Your rankings will pay for it later.

Now, to our topic of this article, long-tail keywords. We all should have some concept of a keyword and the importance of such words in search engine rankings.  If you don’t, a keyword is a term that you try to rank for to benefit the goals of your website. Your goal could be traffic, email signups, to sell a product or service. What ever the need may be, you have to rank for keywords, keyword phrases, key terms or any other word used to describe keywords. With most websites, conversions are the goal and this can be accomplished by ranking high for your search queries. More traffic equals more opportunity to sell.

So, why should a website want to rank for long-tail keywords as we call them? There’s a number of different reasons that you want to begin ranking with long-tailed keywords. For one and possibly most important, long-tail keywords are targeted less. Most companies choose to bypass long-tail keywords in hope of ranking for higher traffic keywords. This is often a mistake and a costly one at that. Two word keywords can take months and years to rank for, these keywords should be part of your long-term SEO process.

Another important reason why you want to target long-tail keywords is to target a specific demographic to buy a product or service. Just because a keyword has less traffic doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good keyword to use. For example, we’ll use the keyword Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Smartphone. This is considered to be a long-tail keyword, (5) words make up this one keyword. It would be easier to rank for this keyword compared to Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or Samsung Galaxy S5. This is only an example, remember that. This keyword is going to be highly competitive, but this is an example only. I can hear the other SEOs now! Point noted.

Now, what is another benefit of having long-tail keyword campaigns? We will once again look at the same long-tail keyword, Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Smartphone. Although this is only one keyword, how many keyword are actually in this long-tail term? Now I have you thinking. I can name 5 different combinations off the top. BINGO! This is a great SEO technique to use. You get the benefit of 5 keywords with one long-tail term. Yes, the search bot can read it as one term or many. I’ve tested this before, I’m sure other SEOs have as well. When using long-tail keywords, we ranked for other keywords within our long-tail keyword. It works, it is an effective SEO technique to use.

Retail websites, ecommerce websites, webmasters, you want to use detailed keywords for your products, right? If you’re not, you need to switch your focus. I know many of you focus on high traffic keywords and rightfully so. However, you have to mix these long-tail keywords in with your keyword plan. You may have 50,000 monthly searches for Samsung Galaxy Smartphone but only 300 for Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White Smartphone. Why be descriptive and detailed? Many shoppers are looking for specific products. If they search for Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White Smartphone, that is what they want. In most cases, the long-tail keywords are easier to rank for. If I have a top keyword bringing in 30,000 of the 50,000 monthly searches, I’m not worried about it. If that BIG TRAFFIC keyword is only bringing in 1 visitor a month, I would rather target the long-tail term to increase my opportunity for sales. Affiliate marketers, this goes for you too.

Your website should be diverse in key terms anyway, a great mixture of short and long-tail keywords. Retail has once again been hit with a Google update. A lot of traffic has been lost. Did you hear about this? Go search for a few terms. When I did, all I saw were local rankings. I’ve seen it with a few clients of my own and traffic is down for all our retail clients. I haven’t read much about it or I would have shared a link, I apologize. A little off topic but something to be aware of.

 You don’t want to abandon your keyword campaigns. Short-tail keywords are still priority. They bring in the most traffic and always will. However, there is a benefit for the long-tail terms. Learn how you can use all types of keywords to benefit your rankings, traffic and conversions. Thanks for taking the time to read my article. As always, it’s greatly appreciated. If you liked it, please take the time to share it to help others. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and LinkedIn.