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Tips to Follow When Looking For A Printer Company for your Marketing

Are you looking for a printer company to take care of your offline marketing and ensure you are portrayed in the best possible manner? Well, here are some tips to follow when looking for a print company to take over your marketing.

Ask For Samples Of Their Most Recent Work

Ideally, the process of choosing a printing company should begin by shortlisting the companies. Doing so enables you to focus on the companies that meet your requirements. After shortlisting the prospective printing companies, you should ask for samples of the projects they have worked on in recent time. This is a crucial aspect of scrutinizing the quality of print as well as the final quality. Additionally, it enables you to compare the quality among the shortlisted companies.

Things to check while comparing the quality include the printing of the text with a particular emphasis on whether there are smudges on the printed text and the clarity of texts. With this in mind, you should not opt for the cheapest company, as more often than not, it results in poor quality work and final product. Such companies usually turn to low-quality printing products such as low-grade inks and low-grade printing papers. This affects the quality of the print negatively, which affects negatively affects your brand. Furthermore, cheap companies may handle your task alongside other projects, resulting in poor quality print products.

In this regard, you should opt for a company that seeks to offer value for money rather than just looking for the cheapest option.

Visit The Companies’ Premises

Although making a visit to the prospective companies might seem like time-consuming, or even a waste of time, you should consider it nonetheless, especially if you want to run a big printing project. It will give a rough idea of the work ethics of the various companies. You will also get a firsthand glimpse of the quality of their equipment. While on your visit, ensure to meet as many employees as possible and to ask questions. Ensure you build an understanding of how the company operates.

Find Out The Kind Of Customer Service You Will Receive

This is important as it is a clear indication of the kind of relationship you will have with regards to service delivery. Therefore, you should seek information on how your account management, the communication protocols to follow the company and you-the client, and the client management services they offer. You should look for companies that conduct every bit of the printing service in-house, including storage, printing, personalization, finishing, binding, and collation. Having one company handle each of the above steps ensures strict quality control, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Familiarize Yourself With The Companies’ Customer Review

You should find out what their other customers are saying about them. You can ask them for this information or just find out on tour own. Social media sites are particularly helpful while seeking customer review information. LinkedIn and Twitter should be your first destination for such information.

Find Out Their ‘Green Credentials’

You should seek to work with companies that respect the environment by looking for environmentally friendly resources and methods of conducting their business. Find out if the prospective companies are ISO 14001 certified and whether they have accreditations and Forest Stewardship Council PEFC.

Choose The Appropriate Printing Format

You should look for a company that is capable of matching your printing needs with an appropriate printing technology. For instance, for a large project you should seek companies with Litho technology as it offers cheaper yet high-quality printing options, you will have other needs for exhibition banner printing. For smaller project opt for digital printers as they are more economical as a printing solution. Check you are getting what you need.




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