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Real Estate Event [Case Study] $9K Revenue For First Hosted Event

Back in April/May 2016, a real estate agent hired Hale Associations to formulate a marketing plan that would allow him to sell event tickets. The real estate client was established, but did not have much of an online presence outside a few subscribers to his podcast.

After Richard Hale was able to talk to him and discuss strategies, we were able to approve an online marketing campaign that would allow him the reach he needed to sale tickets.

Case Study Outlook

Objective: Sell real estate event tickets
Niche: Real Estate
Real Estate Marketing Segment: List Presentation
Pricing: 3 Levels Of Pricing – $199-$349
Lead And Traffic Sources: Facebook, Active Rain, EventBright

Our Planning And Approach

  • Build Landing Page
  • Use EventBright To Sale Event Tickets
  • Run Facebook Ads
  • Join Active Rain

Building The Landing Page

The landing page we built was designed with Divi Page Builder, a drag and drop page builder designed specifically for WordPress websites. There’s several key points to any landing page;

  • Strong CTA – We built a strong CTA above the fold, this is the prime real estate for your landing page. The copy we wrote had strong action. You should always A/B test your landing pages by using different copy, CTAs, images and positioning. We only had 40 days until the event. Our copy was a rock star from day one, so we didn’t do much editing.
  • Integration – Since the client didn’t want to mess with payment processors, we decided to integrate the landing page with EventBright. All ticket sales would be done through their platform. EventBright has custom widgets that we could use and integrate with the website.
  • One Main Purpose – A lot of marketers and designers overwhelm customers by adding too many elements to the page. This is often a mistake. We made it very clear what our priority offer was and what we wanted customers to do. Simple is better.


As I said earlier, we integrated everything through the EventBright platform.

We built a second landing page on EventBright’s platform. We also used EventBright for easy payments and felt it would be more trusted than trying to set up payment processing on the website.

Running Facebook Ads

Since we only had 40 days to get everything done and we wanted to target local audience segments, we decided to run our ads on Facebook.

We chose to run an ad with an image that represented real estate training. Our client had hosted a prior event of him speaking in front of attendees. We felt it was very relevant, appropriate and would give users the visual impact they needed to click on the ad. This worked very well.

Since we had two main landing pages, we wanted to test both.

  • We sent Facebook traffic to the landing page we built on his main website.
  • We also built a landing page on the EventBright platform and sent traffic there.

We wanted to see which landing page sold the most event tickets. We were shocked by the results (below).

Facebook allows you to target audience segments and locations. This allowed us to directly target those in the area of the event and users that had interest in real estate.

We did such a great job targeting interest, our ad spend was only $5-$10 a day, eventually totaling $200 in cost for our client.

Joining Active Rain

I wanted our client to get the most exposure for his event, so promoting real estate events in the past, I knew Active Rain was a great platform to join.

He joined Active Rain for free, he was able to create a great profile and also published a high quality article there. The content was not used to promote the event, but rather show his expertise in real estate listings.

Real Estate Events Case Study

The Results

It took us 5 days to build, integrate and setup everything mentioned above. That gave us 35 days (5 weeks) to promote the event.

The real estate event tickets were high priced tickets, starting at $199 all the way up to $299.

The strategy we decided to use was to give early ticket holders the lowest price at $199. We called it an “earlybird special.”

  • 32 event tickets sold – $8,341.00
  • After EventBright Cost – $8,100.68
  • Walk-Ins for event – $1,002.40

Facebook ads only cost us $200, leaving our total revenue at $8,903.08

Huge Conversion Rate Driving Traffic From Facebook To Website Landing Page

High Conversions Using Facebook Marketing

What impressed us the most was our conversion rate with Facebook traffic to our website landing page. I thought we’d see more sales driving traffic to our landing page on EventBright, but that was not the case. Split test like this allowed us to build on the landing page that wasn’t converting as well.

We used 2 tracking links, one to track Facebook traffic to EventBright and one to track Facebook traffic to the website landing page.

We saw 35.42 percent of traffic convert that hit our website landing page.

We saw only 0.73 percent of traffic convert when we traffic went to our EventBright landing page.

A conversion test such as this is extremely helpful because we used this data to change the EventBright landing page for the next event. Just out of curiosity, we saw conversions increase by 21.4 percent.

On top of these results, we also saw a few hundred new subscribers and a few hundred new downloads. On the website landing page, we added optins for users to use and it worked well.

What We Learned And What You Can Take Away

Tracking and testing is important to any business. It allows you to build, test and consistently make the right improvements. Test everything.

While $8K in revenue is not overwhelming, I’d take $9K for a few hours work any day of the week. Imagine if your real estate events were bringing in $9K revenue over and over again.

Facebook marketing works and it’s great to use for local events, but your ad and landing page are equally important. Learn how you can build a Conversion Rate Optimization Roadmap.

If you have a local event planned for the future and need help promoting it, reach out and contact us. We’d love to hear from you. Hope you found this case study helpful.



Richard Hale is the Founder of Hale Associations, a company that provides Web Development, SEO and Marketing services globally.