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Business Networking

One of the most important steps you’ll ever take in business is building your network. It doesn’t matter what industry you serve, what markets you operate in, business networking is a vital step all of us need to take. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs reached celebrity status through their abilities to build authentic business networks.

If you talk to anyone in marketing, media, PR, SEO, social media, I guarantee you they tell you that networking and outreach are the most important elements of their business. Very true. It has allowed me to grow my brand and online business, it can do the same for you.

Building Trust And Genuine Relationships In Business

Networking and outreach are alike in some ways, different than others and all of us view these in a different light. The one way these two relate is that it should involve building genuine relationships. A business network is no good if there’s not trust. If there’s no trust, the network will never reach its potential.

Business networks are powerful, extremely beneficial but it needs to be for all parties involved. Business networking has been one of the most important steps I took growing my IT business. My own personal business network is years old and continues to grow today. If you can’t build genuine relationships in this space, you won’t succeed. Period.

Sure Ways You Can Grow A Powerful Business Network

There’s a wide range of different ways you can grow your business through business networking.

  • Visit LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, groups that are relative to your business and start building relationships
  • Volunteer your time for networking groups and activities.
  • Hold network meetings and invite other business-minded individuals to attend.
  • Host a webinar and allow users an opportunity to join your network
  • Dedicate a page on your website focused on networking with clear objectives and goals for your network.
  • Start your own networking group via social media or on other platforms.
  • Connect with industry influencers, show them how and why you could be an asset for their business.
  • Become a thought leader, deliver high quality content through multiple marketing channels and platforms.
  • Join powerful business networking platforms.
  • Take the time to make a 10 minute call to all of those you’ve met.
  • Always take the time to build genuine personal relationships with network prospects.

Effective Business Networking Starts With You

If you want to effectively use business networking to grow your own business, you’re the foundation of your efforts. There’s many people that can be an asset to your business network. It’s up to you to make it worth their while.

Here’s 10 Ways You Can Stand Out In The Crowd

  • A great elevator speech can go a long way, make sure you’re precise and accurate with what you say.
  • Give a helping hand, you can never help enough. Be cautious of your time, but those who help receive help back.
  • Plan out your business network. You need to know exactly what and who you want.
  • Be unique, be yourself, but let your personality shine through in everything you do.
  • Be consistent but be impressive, show others your knowledge and capabilities.
  • Always be positive. Nobody wants a Debbie downer, see the positive in everything you do.
  • Be human. Maybe one of the most important we tend to forget. Show them your personal side.
  • Be trusting and genuine. These are two of the most important factors in business networking.
  • Always be focused and ready to go. Remember, knowledge is power.
  • Follow ups, make sure you always follow up with your leads and referrals. Even if just to say hello.

You Truly Get What You Put In

I’ve learned a lot of different lessons being in business over the last decade. For anyone that don’t know me personally, I’m a big believer in karma. You really do get back what you put in.

Business networking is not complicated, but it takes a genuine effort and out of everything mentioned in this article, it takes genuine relationships. We all want to have a huge business network willing to go out and work for us on faith. However, if you’re not genuine about the relationships you build, they will see through you.

One of the greatest things about my job is meeting new people. I sincerely enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if that person becomes a part of my business network or not, I can say here truthfully, the relationships I build are genuine. I suggest you do the same.

I Invite You To Connect With Me

I would love to connect with you. You can find me here at Hale Web Development, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. I hope this article gives you what you’re looking for. If you have any questions or want to add to it, leave a comment below. Thanks and I’ll catch you on the flip side.


Richard Hale is the Founder of Hale Associations, a company that provides Web Development, SEO and Marketing services globally.