WV SEO Services From A Local Company Right Here At Home

Located in the heart of coal country, Hale Associations has been providing SEO services in West Virginia for years. Founded by executive SEO Richard Hale, Hale Associations has grown to serve over 1,000 global businesses and counting. While Richard continued to grow his company to become a global brand, he wanted to focus on helping local businesses here in West Virginia succeed.

It doesn’t matter where you came from, every business needs more customers. We provide so many different services to help your business grow. (SEO) Search engine optimization is one solution that will have new customers calling your business. On the technical side of SEO, we focus on;

  • Content and keyword rich pages
  • Metadata
  • Page structure
  • Schema
  • Internal links
  • Targeted keywords

Local W.V. SEO Services

Our local West Virginia SEO services is different because we’re able to work side by side with your business. Hale Associations has experience in multiple business sectors, including health, construction, real estate, education, fitness, coal mining, trucking, automotive and many more. Our detailed approach to SEO and marketing allows us to optimize your business and grow your rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We understand that growing your business online is a priority. There’s too much opportunities not to be involved with online business. Our local SEO services will focus on several key elements in the growth of your business, such as

  • Targeting keywords specific to your business
  • Focusing on targeting your customer profile
  • Building relationships to maximize your online exposure
  • Optimizing your website to convert visitors
  • Building your social network
  • Helping you grow revenue by focusing on your products and services

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the process and development of building your online business to rank for specific targeted keywords to funnel traffic to your website. There’s over 200+ different SEO ranking factors and we utilize them all to help you achieve results online.

Charleston WV SEO Richard Hale
You likely found Richard and Hale Associations because we are the top ranking SEOs in West Virginia. This is just one example how we can help your business grow and reach new customers.

Don’t take my word for it, you can see our SEO results for yourself. If you own a West Virginia business and you’re wanting to invest in growing your business online, Hale Associations can help.

Again, our W.V. SEO services is different from our traditional intake process. Since you’re a local West Virginia client, we prefer to have a hands-on approach with your business. We’d plan to meet with your executives to discuss the opportunities that our search marketing services presents. While it’s not required and all communications can be virtually and via email or phone, being on the same page and you understanding our search engine optimization process is important.

While our main focus is SEO, we offer over 100 different unique services. If you’re a West Virginia business owner and you’d like to learn how we can help your business, just use our contact page to reach us.

You don’t have to look elsewhere for a reliable SEO company, nor do you have to leave home. Hale Associations is located in Southern West Virginia. You have to be from W.V. to understand how small business works in coal country. We always take care of our own. While other companies make promises, we make guarantees. Most of those companies are not from the state, so they don’t understand the culture of business here.

With more than a decade of experience and affordable pricing options for search engine optimization in our home state of West Virginia, you won’t find another loyal company eager to help your business succeed.

Check out Richard’s track record at LinkedIn.

Since we’re doing strategy sessions daily with our clients, you may not get a direct answer. Just leave a message and we’ll call you directly afterward. You can also reach Richard directly at richard@haleassociations.com

I look forward to meeting you and helping your business. Richard

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