Press Releases

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Hale Web Development offers a variety of different services, including press releases. Press releases are a great way to promote your business, release important news, build search engine rankings and build links back to your website. We have thousands of unique domains that we use for our press releases. Although results can very depending on who picks up the story and publishes it, this is an effective way to brand your business.

Most press release companies charge up to $100 or more for a single press release. These companies are likely to only keep your press release up for a few weeks. At Hale Associations, all your press releases are ordered through us and will remain active forever. We’ll never delete your press release. If the time comes and you want to delete your press release, we’ll gladly remove it from our index.

We submit your press releases to hundreds of search engines and websites to help your press releases rank faster and increases the index process. All of our press releases include do follow links to help your search engine visibility. For complete details, be sure to contact us today for a free evaluation and quote on all our press release services.

Years ago, press releases were great for gaining ranking positions in the search engines. Although press releases don’t carry the same weight as they once did, they are still benefits. Many press release companies no longer offer do follow links due to Google updates. While do follow links are much more valuable, no follow links do add value. All links are important but you do want to ensure that your content is related.

I believe every new start-up company should submit a press release. At Hale Web Development, we do our press release services differently. While other press release companies do not promote, we do. We share it on our social networks to ensure that each release gains maximum exposure. Press releases are worth their weight when you can get them at a fair price and have the content promoted elsewhere.

We accept press releases in nearly every niche, all accept adult content. If you have any questions about pricing, press release services and any other service that we offer, please feel free to contact us immediately. If your looking for more SEO, SMM,, marketing and web development tips, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.