Press Release Distribution Services

Press release distribution has changed a lot over the years and I get asked if it’s still a good strategy for creating growth.

If you get a quality press release provider, it can be quite beneficial. On the other hand, you can see very little results, so you have to be careful how you approach getting press releases published.

While you should always use caution when choosing a press release distribution service, it’s still a great growth factor when done correctly.

PR distribution services should be used when you start a brand new company, launch a new product, launch a new service or the company has a story news worthy. Press releases should be carefully used in your online marketing strategy.

Once you know what your press release will cover, you’ll have the opportunity to build it yourself or have the copy written by the PR service.

Why Press Release Distribution?

The internet moves fast and so does your competition.

If you have something news worthy, you want to get it out in the media.

There’s a number of benefits you can take advantage with the right PR distribution services, such as;

  • Instant Brand Exposure – Your press release is going to go out to hundreds/thousands of media channels.
  • Search Engine Optimization – You will get new authority backlinks from your press release.
  • Targeted Traffic – As your press release is published, you’ll see a flood of traffic to your website/pages that you used in your release.
  • Social Media Influence – If your press release is news worthy and valuable, it will be shared throughout social media networks.
  • Authority Trust – Your brand can be mentioned on Google News, Yahoo News, Associated Press and other authority outlets
  • Increase Network Size – Press releases can help you grow your email list and social networks.

What Results Can I Expect?

It all depends on the services, who you choose to employ for your press release service.

One of the downfalls of a press release is that it doesn’t guarantee any type of results other than your PR being published on media outlets.

It doesn’t guarantee sales, a number of backlinks or a specific traffic amount. Why? You can’t control who takes action on your press release, it’s impossible.

In some ways, press release distribution is a risk. However, a press release can lead to incredible growth. It just can’t be guaranteed.

The one guarantee is that you’ll receive traffic.

Here’s another point. If you don’t know how to write a press release, you could see no results. If you’re submitting a press release to be distributed, I’d suggest looking at press release template to see which press release formats work the best.

Every detail of your press release is important. Not only do you need a good press release service provider, you need to know how to optimize your press release.

How To Write A Press Release

If you’re writing your own press release, there’s a few key points I want you to know so you can correctly optimize your release.

Rule 1 – Headline Gold

The headline of your press release is crucial for getting clicks on your press release. Use actionable verbs, be clear, don’t be scared that you only have one line to work with. Likely most important, make it interesting. Curiosity always works, but keep it relative to the topic because you do want to the press release to convert (if you’re selling a new product or service).

Rule 2 – Who, What, Where, Why And How

That’s exactly what your first paragraph should cover. Give them the facts, be clear and straight forward.

Rule 3 – Make It Valuable And Share-Worthy

The middle of your press release needs to give value and make others want to share it.

Rule 4 – Be Detailed About What You Do

The last paragraph in your press release is your last opportunity to make an impression.

Is It Worth The Investment?

Press release distribution is not for everyone. Your press release should be carefully crafted and planned for release.

If you don’t have anything news worthy, I wouldn’t recommend sending a press release. There’s many more ways to reach your target audience that are more effective.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Yes, there’s many benefits but there’s also many reasons why other marketing strategies are better fit for your business.

With the right service, the end results are usually well worth the investment.

It all depends on how you determine the value of the results.