Hale Web Development Payment Policy

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You will never be required to sign a contract for our services. Once payment is received, you’ll begin receiving our services thereafter. Although we do offer monthly packages, 6 month packages, yearly packages and individual services, you can cancel at anytime. Please note, if you do cancel, there will be no refund issued for the remainder of the time. We suggest that you don’t cancel at the end of your scheduled renewal.

You’re expected to make your payment when your invoice is sent. You’ll have up to 7 days to make that payment. If you don’t make your payment within 7 days, we hold the right to terminate your services. Please understand, if we terminate your services, this can effect your rankings and traffic. You will be reliable for all funds not paid to us.

Your payment will be due immediately before any services will be provided due to the upfront cost of your specific services. Depending on what service you choose, the value can vary. You’ll be expected to make that payment immediately unless otherwise noted. Due to an increase in non-payments for services rendered, you’ll be required to see your payment first via PayPal before any services will be rendered.

Immediately afterward, you’ll be given an invoice for your payment and you’ll receive a confirmation for the services that you’ll receive. This will confirm our guarantee to provide the services and should be kept with your records as needed. Once payment is received, we’ll start immediately on your project. We do this so it protects you and your payment.

We hold the rights to refuse or cancel the services to anyone, for any reason. We ask that you abide by all our policies and guidelines. We have these in place to protect us both.