What Is A No Follow Backlink?

When it comes to backlinks, there’s two different values you can add to a backlink pointing to another domain. Those two values are do follow and no follow. It’s important to know these values when you link out to websites and when referring domains link to your websites.

A no follow backlink passes no SEO value from the referring domain to the linked domain. No follow backlinks are not valueless. There’s a lot of debate about no follow links and if they have any value at all. From our case studies, test and experiments, we know that no follow links do have a small amount of value but that value is much less than that of the do follow backlink. 

No Follow Backlinks Can Balance Your Anchor Text

While the SEO benefits for no follow backlinks can range from nothing to a small amount, no follow backlinks can balance your anchor text. Every backlink that links to your website has some form of an anchor. That anchor could be blank to an exact match keyword. Naturally, we know that most of your anchor text should be branded anchors, URLs and naked URLs.

The other benefit to no follow backlinks is referral traffic. So no follow backlinks are not useless, they can serve multiple purposes. However, if you’re building links for SEO purposes, you should target do follow backlinks rather than no follow backlinks.

Tracking No Follow Backlinks

Tools To Determine No Follow Backlinks

There’s a number of different tools and software that can help you compare do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks.

For Google Chrome, this tool helps you find no follow links. For Firefox, use this tool.