What Is A Do Follow Backlink?

When it comes to backlinks, there’s two different values you can add to a backlink pointing to another domain. Those two values are do follow and no follow. It’s important to know these values when you link out to websites and when referring domains link to your websites.

A do follow backlink passes SEO value from the referring domain to the linked domain. Do follow backlinks should be viewed as a symbol of trust from one domain to another. Do follow backlinks are important because they pass link value through the link. No follow backlinks are the complete opposite, they don’t pass link value. Despite being told by Google that no follow backlinks have no value for SEO, there’s other factors that make no follow backlinks valuable to anyone.

Targeting Do Follow Backlinks

Link building is a complex subject that we try to make sense for our readers. The priority importance of do follow backlinks are the fact that this backlink type is what you need to improve your keyword rankings. There’s many link building strategies that can be used to target the right types of backlinks, which are do follow backlinks.

The most successful link building strategy you can apply is building genuine relationships with others. Not only does this grow your personal and professional relationships, you’ll have more eyes on your website than likely ever before. Becoming a guest author is a powerful resource for your business, blog and website. It gives you control over a percentage of the backlinks you obtain. Also known as guest posting, it’s one of the most common link building techniques being used.

Finding Do Follow Backlinks

Easy Ways To Find Do Follow Backlinks

With the right SEO software and tools, you can find do follow backlinks and no follow backlinks easily.

If you have Google Chrome, you can use this extension. It highlights only no follow backlinks. For Firefox, you can go here.

Once you have the right tools to identify do follow links from no follow links, you’ll be able to only target backlinks that add value.